Students are responsible for three major assignments during the course.

Assignment 1: Crit
assignment sheet

During the course of the semester, students will give one crit which involves a written and oral component. The crit is a critical engagement with an article or an article-length portion of a text we will have prepared for the class meeting during which the crit is presented. The crit should not simply summarize the ideas of the text, but should critically engage with the text by showing the significance and the interrelation of the key points. The oral presentation of the crit should serve as a springboard for class discussion and may include discussion questions. The written portion of the crit should be around 5 pages (double-spaced) in length. During the first week of class, please look at the schedule and choose a reading during the first 8 weeks of class that looks interesting to you. Email me your top two choices. First come, first served. Remember, for book chapters you only need to choose an article-length portion of the text (15-30pp).


Assignment 2: Feminist Rhetorical Figure
assignment sheet

During weeks 9-12, students will present and lead discussion on one rhetorical figure from Available Means (Ed. Ritchie and Ronald). The presentation and lesson plan must in some way engage with the issues discussed in class to this point (historiography and/or refiguring the rhetorical situation). Along with responsibility for 50 minutes of classtime, students must also turn in a written lesson plan that outlines the course activities. Students must choose a figure and presentation date by 10/6. Again, first come first served. So that I can include the assignment (reading and anything else deemed pertinent) on the schedule, please email me this information NO LATER THAN one week before your assigned date.

Assignment 3: Seminar Paper
assignment sheet

All students are encouraged to treat this seminar as an opportunity to further their own intellectual and professional development, which includes creating a seminar project that is tailored to their interests and that engages with some of the key issues from the semester. This assignment involves both a written paper of 15-20 pages (double-spaced) in length and a class presentation (15 minutes) on the research. This seminar paper should illustrate both the innovativeness of the approach taken and its relation to existing scholarly work.