English 351: Creative Writing: Prose                                                                      quick link to schedule
Instructor: Bryan Fry
Office: Avery 371
Office Hours: Office Hours: MWF 10:00-11:00 a.m.


Course Description:

This is a course in creative writing focusing on short fiction. Ideally, you have taken English 251 or a similar introductory course in creative writing where you learned about characterization, plot, dialogue, image, and setting. This course will give you opportunities to hone those concepts as well as develop a deeper understanding of style. Learning to write requires close, critical reading so this course involves reading the work of professionals to learn the "tricks of the trade." You will also read the writing of your peers in preparation for whole-class workshops. Obviously, you will also write a great deal, both individually and as a group. To get the most from this course you are required to attend class consistently and be prepared to participate honestly and fully.

Required Material:
  • Alice LaPante, Method and Madness
  • Ron Carlson, Ron Carlson Writes a Story
  • A writing journal
  • A three-ring binder
Major Requirements:

Participation (20%):  Each week I will assign you a participation grade that reflects how involved you are in the class. This includes being prepared (bringing your books, journals, and a three ringed binder with class readings) as well as participating in discussion. Your participation grade will be the average of these grades. 

Homework (20%): Sometimes I will ask you to hand in a draft of your story; other times you will have to prepare work for a writing workshop. Please make sure to read our schedule carefully and turn in work when it is due. I do not accept late work. All homework must be typed, unless otherwise specified. 

Workshop (30%):  Each student will prepare a short piece of fiction (8-12 pages) for a class workshop. We will discuss these pieces as a class in order to help one another see our work more clearly. About half of your workshop grade depends on signing up for a workshop and having your work prepared when it is due; this includes making enough copies of your story for the entire class. The other half depends on your workshop attendance and participation; you are required to read all of the workshop pieces and prepare for all workshop discussions. I will hand out a sign-up sheet for this workshop early on in the semester. You must type your story for workshop and hand it in on time to complete credit for this assignment.

Portfolio (30%): Revising (or rewriting) is a major part of the writing process; creative writing is no exception. Therefore, I expect to see you progress as a fiction writer in this class. The best way to show me this progression is through your portfolio which you will hand in at the end of the semester. In order for me to see your transformation, you will provide a 15-20 page revised story along with any rough drafts and a reflection letter. The portfolio is considered the final for our class. In order to receive credit, you will need to turn it in on time (see schedule for details). 

Regular Attendance: Because of the amount of group collaboration, attendance for this class is crucial. Students are allowed three unexcused absences without penalty. This includes absences due to illness, death, and imprisonment. The only unexcused absence is a school-related absence, which means you have to be on the volleyball team or something. After two unexcused absences, I will deduct 10% of the final grade. After six absences, students will receive an F in the course. Every three tardies equals an absence. It is your responsibility to let me know when you are late. Otherwise, you will be marked absent.

WSU Accomidation Policy: We are committed to providing assistance to help you be successful in this course. Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. Please visit the Disability Resource Center (DRC) during the first two weeks of every semester to seek information or to qualify for accommodations. All accommodations MUST be approved through the DRC (Admin Annex Bldg, Rooms 205). Call 509 335 3417 to make an appointment with a disability counselor.

WSU Safety: Classroom and campus safety are of paramount importance at Washington State University, and are the shared responsibility of the entire campus. WSU urges students to follow the "Alert, Assess, Act" protocol for all types of emergencies and the "Run, Hide, Fight" response for an active shooter incident. Remain ALERT (through direct observation or emergency notification), Assess your specific situation, and ACT in the most appropriate way to assure your own safety (and the safety of other if you are able).

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