English 402: Technical and Professional Writing                                                                      
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    Instructor: Bryan Fry
    Office: Avery 371
    Office Hours: Summer hours by appointment

    Course Description

The purpose of English 402 is to prepare you for the kinds of professional and technical communication that you will do inside and outside of your professional career. English 402 teaches the rhetorical principals and communication practices necessary for producing effective presentations, reports, letters, memos, collaborative projects, and employment materials. The course asks you to question what is meant by "effective communication" and assists you in developing strategies to shape communication ethically, for multiple audiences, and in a variety of professional settings.


    Course Objectives    

By the end of this course students will be able to:
> identify and analyze rhetorical situations and apply rhetorical strategies to technical and professional communication
> work individually and collaboratively
> understand professional obligations and ethical behaviors in diverse communicative situations
> compose in professionally appropriate modes including, written, visua, and oral
> work successfully within and accross various cultures   

    Required Text         

Technical Communication by Mark Markel


There are days in which I ask you to bring laptops to class. Please note that this is more of a suggestion than a requirement. We will be working in class on these days and it is helpful to have computers on hand. If you do not own a laptop you can simply draft with pencil and paper, and type out your assignmnets outside of class.  Registration for this course includes access to the Avery Microcomputer Lab (AML). If you do not own a printer, you can print your assignments there


    Attendance and Assignments    

To successfully complete this class, you must faithfully attend class and complete all assignments. Because we will be working collaboratively on many assignments, your regular attendance is vital. Please note on the schedule the occasions when attendance is absolutely required.

Some specifics:
> more than three absences will seriously jeopardize your grade; after five absences you will fail the class
> extensive tardiness will be considered in assessing absences
> planned absences must be discussed and OK’d by the teacher prior to the absence; planned absences count in the total of absences
> late work results in an automatic grade of F for the assignment in question

    See linked Schedule

    WSU Accommodation Policy    

We are committed to providing assistance to help you be successful in this course. Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. Please visit the Disability Resource Center (DRC) during the first two weeks of every semester to seek information or to qualify for accommodations. All accommodations MUST be approved through the DRC (Admin Annex Bldg, Rooms 205). Call 509 335 3417 to make an appointment with a disability counselor.

    WSU Safety

Classroom and campus safety are of paramount importance at Washington State University, and are the shared responsibility of the entire campus. WSU urges students to follow the "Alert, Assess, Act" protocol for all types of emergencies and the "Run, Hide, Fight" response for an active shooter incident. Remain ALERT (through direct observation or emergency notification), Assess your specific situation, and ACT in the most appropriate way to assure your own safety (and the safety of other if you are able).


    Academic Integrity    

All students are expected to act in accordance with the WSU policies on Academic Honesty found in the Student Handbook. These policies include falsification of information, fabrication of information, plagiarism, multiple submission, and various others. Information about these policies can be found online at the WSU Academic Integrity site. These policies will be discussed in class and students will be asked to acknowledge that discussion and a basic understanding of the policies. 

    Projects and Evaluation   

Several of the projects below are multi-part. Detailed assignments will appear on the class schedule as the assignments begin.

Resume and Application Letter
20 %
Document Redesign Project
Pitch Proposal
Repurposing Project
Progress Memo
In-class Assignments and Quizzes

            Note: All assignments must be completed to pass this course.
    See Schedule