English 357: Literary Editing and Publishing

Instructor: Bryan Fry
Office: Avery 371
Office Hours: MWF 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Marketing Assignment
Assignment: Use DDM and your knowledge of color theory to set up a website and create marketing materials for your literary journal. Keep in mind that you will include your use of basic design principals (color, typography, grids, placement and intereraction of visual elements, etc.) in the final report of your project at the end of the semester. 
You will have Sept 14th - 28th to work on this assignment in class. You should be able to introduce your maketing matierals and have a fairly functional website by the time of your group presentation.
Marketing Materials: You must use Adobe InDesign to create your marketing materials. Include important information such as submission guidelines, web address, contact information, where appropriate. You are welcome to split up the task and create as many marketing materials as you like; however, you will need to prepare something for your group presentation which is due on Sept 30th.
You will also include your marketing materials in your final presentation at the end of the semester.
Website: The design of your website is optional and should be based on your experience, or the experience of your web editor. Each web editor will spend a week (sept 21-26) with our class consultant who will provide basic tutorials for using DreamWeaver. Though part of your final grade is based on the presentation of your website, my only requirement is that you use the Layout Workbook to design your website and to make sure your website include a homepage, submission guidelines, and bios of your editorial board. The rest is up to you!!
Note to the Copy Editor: Please keep in mind that part of your group's presentation grade is based on the congruence of your journal which includes the design of your journal, webpage, and marketing matierals. Therefore, you should lend an eye in the development and overall editing of this assignment.


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