English 357: Literary Editing and Publishing
Instructor: Bryan Fry
Office: Avery 371
Office Hours: MWF 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Submission Guidelines and Bios Assignment

Assignment: Establish submission guidelines and editor bios for your marketing materials and your website. You can refer to any of the literary journals listed in NewPages for examples
Submission Guidelines: Your guidelines need to be clear and precise. Include the following information:
1. A brief description of your journal and what you are looking to publish
2. Requirements for each genre—include lengths and descriptions
3. How and where to submit manuscripts
4. Standard reading time
5. Submission deadline
Bios: This is a way to introduce your editorial staff to your readers.
The length of bios varies between literary journals, but I suggest establishing your length ahead of time in order to make the bios uniform. Each editor should consider combining a narrative that is both professional and personal. The goal is to establish credibility as well as make a connection to your readers.
You should plan a time to distribute bios among the editorial group for proofing. After proofing, each editor should submit the final draft of his or her bio along with a digital self-portrait to the journal’s web editor.

Due date: You should have a draft of your submission guidelines and editor bios by the time of your group presentation  on Monday, Sept 30th.

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