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James Lane Allen  (1849-1925)

.James Lane Allen.

Overview of Allen's career (1917): http://www.bartleby.com/library/prose/179.html

Summary of A Kentucky Cardinal

Works Available Online

Allen's novels at the Online Books Page

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"Mountain Passes of the Cumberland," Harper's (September 1890): 561+.
"Through the Cumberland Gap on Horseback" Harper's (June 1886): 50+
"The Blue-Grass Region of  Kentucky," Harper's  (February 1886): 365+.
"Midwinter,"Harper's (March 1884): 531. (poem)
Too Much Momentum. Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 70, issue 419 (April 1885).
"Beneath the Veil" (poem) Atlantic Sept. 1885
"Part of an Old Story" (Feb. 1887)
"Uncle Tom at Home in Kentucky," Century (October 1887): 852-867
Two Lucky Gentlemen of the Old School. The Century, vol. 35, issue 6 (Apr 1888)..
A Home of the Silent Brotherhood. The Abbey of La Trappe in Kentucky.The Century (Aug. 1888)
 The White Cowl. The Century, vol. 36, issue 5 (Sept 1888).
"Kentucky Fairs," Harper's (1889)
"King Solomon of Kentucky" (June 1889)
"County Court Day in Kentucky" (August 1889)
Posthumous Fame. The Century, vol. 39, issue 5 (Mar 1890).
"Mountain Passes of Kentucky (with map)" (September 1890)
Sister Dolorosa. The Century, vol. 41, issue 2 (Dec 1890).
Sister Dolorosa. The Century, vol. 41, issue 3 (Jan 1891).
Sister Dolorosa. The Century, vol. 41, issue 4 (Feb 1891).

Flute and Violin and Other Kentucky Tales and Romances (1891).
"Flute and Violin: A Story," Harper's (December 1890): 58+.
The Blue-Grass Region of Kentucky and Other Kentucky Articles (1892).
"Homesteads of the Blue Grass" (Century, May 1892)
A Kentucky Cardinal: A Story  Part I (Harper's, May 1894): 926+.  Aftermath (1896)
Summer in Arcady: A Tale of Nature (1896)
Two Principles in Recent American Fiction. The Atlantic Monthly, vol. 80, issue 480 (October 1897).
The Choir Invisible (1897) (HTML at the University of Pennsylvania)
Two Gentlemen of Kentucky (1899)
The Reign of Law: A Tale of the Kentucky Hemp Fields (1900)
The Mettle of the Pasture (1903)
The Bride of the Mistletoe (1909)
The Doctor's Christmas Eve ( 1910 ).
The Heroine in Bronze; Or, A Portrait of a Girl: A Pastoral of the City (New York: Macmillan, 1912).
The Sword of Youth ( 1915 ).
A Cathedral Singer ( 1916 ).
The Kentucky Warbler ( 1918 .
The Emblems of Fidelity: A Comedy in Letters (1919).
The Alabaster Box (1923)
The Landmark (1925)

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