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Rose Terry Cooke (1827-1892)

Picture of Rose Terry Cooke.

Bibliography of Secondary Sources on Rose Terry Cooke

Biographical sketch from the Cambridge History

Biographical Sketch (from 1889)

Reminiscence about Cooke from Harriet Prescott Spofford

Cooke's response to Whittier's poems (1891) at the Whittier Birthday Dinner.

William Dean Howells's review in Harper's of Huckleberries from New England Hills (February 1892)

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Poems, by Rose Terry., Ticknor and Fields, Boston, 1861.

Poems,by Rose Terry Cooke., W. S. Gottsberger, New York, 1888. 

*The Two Villages (poem)

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  • Segovia and Madrid. Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 56, issue 335 (April 1878).
    Two.Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 62, issue 372 (May 1881).



Huckleberries Gathered from New England Hills (1891) (1893 edition at Google Books. Includes "Grit," "Mary Ann's Mind," "Love," "Odd Miss Todd," "An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving," "Hopson's Choice," "Clary's Trial," "A Double Thanksgiving," "Home Again," How Celia Changed her Mind," and "A Town Mouse and a Country Mouse."

Somebody's Neighbors (1881) (Google Books). Includes "Eben Jackson," "Miss Lucinda," "Dely's Cow," "Squire Paine's Conversion," "Miss Beulah's Bonnet," "Cal Culver and the Devil," "Amandar," "Polly Mariner, Tailoress," "Uncle Josh," "Poll Jennings's Hair," "Freedom Wheeler's Controversy with Providence," and "Mrs. Flint's Married Experience."

The Sphinx's Children and Other People's (1886) (Google Books) Includes "The Sphinx's Children," "The Deacon's Week," "A Black Silk," "Jericho Jim," "Lost on a Railway," "Doctor Parker's Patty," "Doom and Dan," "Some Account of Thomas Tucker," "The Forger's Bride," "Too Late," "My Thanksgiving," "How She Found Out," "Ann Potter's Lesson," "Aceldama Sparks; or, Old and New," "Sallathiel Bump's Stocking," "Sally Parson's Duty," "A Hard Lesson, "'Liab's First Christmas."

Life and Death, from Mytown

Are Women to Blame?. The North American Review, vol. 148, issue 390 (May 1889).(Essay; part of a series of responses to the question, including one by Rebecca Harding Davis.)
Mytown.Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 55, issue 329 (October 1877).
"The Thing which Hath been Shall be". The Atlantic Monthly, vol. 35, issue 210 (April 1875).
Women's Views of Divorce. The North American Review, vol. 150, issue 398 (January 1890).
The Real Rights of Women. The North American Review, vol. 149, issue 394 (September 1889).

A Lay Preacher (1884)
The Betraying Hand

Happy Dodd; or, She Hath Done What She Could (1878; Google Books)

Steadfast: The Story of a Saint and a Sinner (1889; Google Books)

Where to Say No (Google Books)

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