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Robert Grant (1852-1940)

Born into a patrician Boston family  in 1852, Robert Grant graduated from Harvard in 1873, later becoming Harvard's first Ph. D. in English. By 1893 he had become a judge, although one of his most famous legal decisions was upholding the decision to execute Sacco and Vanzetti while on Governor Fuller's Advisory Board.  He also advocated more lenient divorce laws. Grant was a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a good friend of Edith Wharton

Major Works:

An Average Man (1884)
Unleavened Bread (1900)
The Undercurrent (1904)
The Chippendales (1909)

Works Available Online

Note: Abebooks.com, amazon.com and other bookselling sites list e-book or ASCII text versions of Robert Grant's books for sale, but these are freely available public domain texts and the same books (perhaps even the same versions) are available free from Project Gutenberg. You may want to check Project Gutenberg before paying for an e-text version of a public domain text.

The Law-Breakers and Other Stories (Project Gutenberg)
Unleavened Bread (Project Gutenberg)
"The Romance of a Soul" (Woman's Home Companion, 1901)
The Opinions of a Philosopher (Project Gutenberg)
The King's Men: A Tale of To-morrow (Project Gutenberg)

Page Images at the Making of America site

American Summer Resorts. I. The North Shore Of Massachusetts
The Art Of Living. I. Income  (1895)

  •  The Art Of Living. II. The Dwelling
  • The Art Of Living. III. House-Furnishing And Commissariat
  • The Art Of Living. IV. Education
  • The Art Of Living. IX. The Case Of Woman
  •  The Art Of Living. V. Occupation
  • The Art Of Living. VI. The Use Of Time
  • The Art Of Living. VII. The Summer Problem
  •  The Art Of Living. VIII. The Case Of Man
  • The Art Of Living. X. The Conduct Of Life - Final Paper
  •  An Average Man  (1884)
  •   An Average Man
  •  An Average Man
  • An Average Man
  •  An Average Man
  •  An Average Man
  •  An Average Man
  •  The Bachelor's Christmas  (1893)
     By Hook or Crook. A Story  (1895)
     An Eye For An Eye  (1889)
     In Fly-Time. A Story (1894)
      The Lambs. A Tragedy  (1882)
     The Matrimonial Tontine Benefit Association  (1894)
     The Opinions Of A Philosopher  (1893)
  •  The Opinions Of A Philosopher
  •  The Opinions Of A Philosopher
  •   Opinions Of A Philosopher - Chapters I And II
  •   The Reflections Of A Married Man  (1892)
  •  The Reflections Of A Married Man
  •  The Reflections Of A Married Man
  •  The Reflections Of A Married Man
  •  Richard and Robin. A Story
     Rondeaux of Cities
    Tarpon Fishing In Florida

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