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George Parsons Lathrop (1851-1898)


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George Parsons Lathrop Collection. Finding aid at the University of Virginia.

Lathrop was an influential nineteenth-century writer and critic, an acquaintance of Howells, Twain, and James. He was  associate editor of the Atlantic Monthly  from 1875-1877. He was married to Rose Hawthorne, Nathaniel Hawthorne's daughter, who later became a Dominican nun. Among his works were A Study of Hawthorne (1876) and an edition of Hawthorne's works (1883). 

Works Available Online

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A Story of Courage: Annals of the Georgetown Convent of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (with Rose Hawthorne Lathrop) (1894)
A Masque of Poets (1878)
Dreams and Days (poems) (1892)
Rose and Roof-Tree (poems) (1875)
An Echo of Passion (novel) (1882)

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