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Brief  List of  Some Image Patterns in Henry James's Portrait of a Lady

1. Architecture, rooms, decor:

2. Art and art objects, collections, creating art: 3. Acting:  Osmond’s pose (p. 390); his mother “the American Corinne”; other examples

4. Music:

5. Clothing:  Example: Isabel’s black clothing-->white --> black
   Pansy’s clothing: white--> gray --> black
    Isabel's gesture of smoothing gloves; sending and wearing gloves; fans and concealment

6. Surfaces, facades, masks

7. Doors, locks, and keys, imprisonment, cages: 8. Fire, flames:  Isabel looking into the fire (p. 413); at the end, the fire is dead; lightning

9. Light and dark:

10. Flight, flying, birds: 11. Flowers, gardens, nature: 12. Sight and seeing, voyeurism; related to artists and artistry: When does watching become artistry--observation for the sake of creation--and when is it voyeurism--observation for the pleasure of the observer?

13.  Art and artistry:  Who are the artists here?  What are their subjects?  What are their media?

14.  Writing, letters, journalism:

15. Intertextual references: Novels, books, reading

16. Names:  Stackpole, Goodwood, Touchett, Archer, Gemini, Pansy, Serena Merle

17.  Paths and travel:

18. Tea, receptions, ceremonies, convention, tradition

19. Ships and sailing: Isabel as ship (p. 478)

20. Trade, money, merchandise: Isabel (p. 480) and “falsified balance-sheet”; Osmond's art

21. Europe, the old world, decaying civilizations, monuments; p. 518, the Coliseum

22. America: Columbia, "war-paint," etc.