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Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)



Selected Bibliography 
Brief lecture notes on Poe 
Gothic, Novel, and Romance

  • Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore. The "Poe Webliography" calls this "Must-see browsing for all serious students of Poe." A great site with variant versions of the works.
  • Poe Webliography: Essential for those looking at Poe on the web, this site by Rutgers professor Heyward Ehrlich includes annotated reviews of sites on Poe. 
  • Journals devoted to Poe:
  • Knowing Poe. This new, media-rich site designed primarily for high school students includes information on Poe's life and works, with video segments by actor John Astin as Poe.
  • Edgar Allan Poe Museum. Focusing on Poe's years in Richmond, Virginia, this site includes a biographical sketch and the text of selected works.
  • Professor Ann Woodlief of VCU has prepared a hypertext study version of "The Fall of the House of Usher."
  • Poe Chronology 
  • The House of Usher Page.  Fine general page, interesting and frequently updated. Warning: Music starts when the page loads.
  • Article attributing Poe's death to rabies rather than to alcoholism.
  • The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site web page includes a picture of Poe's house in Philadelphia.
  • Poe Page and Poe Decoder. Biographical information and individual (not necessarily scholarly) essays on Poe.
  • Nineteenth-century views of Poe
    Read Poe's works in the Southern Literary Messenger (Page images at the Michigan MOA site)
    Selected Works Available Online (from the Poe Society of Baltimore site)

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