Terms for Discussing Drama

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point in the play during which the tragic hero experiences a kind of self-understanding; the discovery or recognition that leads to the peripeteia or reversal
the character who opposes the protagonist
a purgation of emotions
the words or acts of a character may carry a meaning unperceived by the character but understood by the audience
any character in a play who through contrast underscores the distinctive characteristics of another, particularly the protagonist.
exposition, complication, climax of action, falling action, denouement
tragic flaw
overweening pride or insolence that results in the misfortune of the protagonist of a tragedy.
reversal of fortune for the protagonist
the chief character in a work
conventional character types whom the audience recognizes immediately.
the protagonist or hero of a tragedy must be brought from happiness to misery and should be a person who is better than ordinary people
limiting the time, place, and action of a play to a single spot and a single action over the period of 24 hours

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