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Catharine Maria Sedgwick (1789-1867)

Catherine Maria Sedgwick from Evert Duyckinck's Cyclopedia.
  • The Catharine Maria Sedgwick Society Site includes a bibliography of primary works, a bibliography of reviews, an overview of CMS's career,  pictures of places associated with Sedgwick, and information on the Society and its meetings. (New URL)
  • "Catharine Maria Sedgwick" from Evert Duyckinck's Cyclopedia of American Literature (1875)  (text version)
  • "Catharine Maria Sedgwick" from the Cambridge Encyclopedia at Bartleby.com



    Selected Works and Works Available Online
    For a full bibliography of primary works, go to the Catharine Maria Sedgwick Society site. Bibliographic information here has largely been derived from that site.

    From the University of Virginia site

    A New-England Tale (1822)(Anonymous). NY: Bliss & White, 1822. web
    The Travellers: A Tale, Designed for Young People (1825)
    Hope Leslie (1827) (New York: White, Gallaher, and White, 1827) 
    [Volume 1: web | ebook | palm | Adobe Reader]    [Volume 2: web
    Clarence; or, a Tale of Our Own Times (1830) [Volume 1] [Volume 2]
    Le Bossu from Library of Select Novels, XXVII (1832)
    Home (1835)
    Tales and Sketches (1835)
    Mary Hollis: An Original Tale (1822)
    Redwood: A Tale (1824) [Volume 1]    [Volume 2]    [Volume 3]
    "Romance in Real Life", from The Legendary, N. P. Willis, ed (1828)
    The Linwoods , or "Sixty Years Since" in America (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1835)  (1835) [Volume 1: web    Volume 2: web
    The Poor Rich Man and the Rich Poor Man (1836)
    Live and Let Live; or, Domestic Service Illustrated (1837)
    The Boy of Mount Rhigi (1848)
    Tales of City Life (1850)
    Married or Single? (1857) [Volume 1] [Volume 2]
    A New England Tale, and Miscellanies (1852)

    Manuscript Materials (from the University of Virginia)

    Letter: Sedgwick to "dear Madam" (March 18,1839)
    Letter: Sedgwick to Mrs. Taylor (May 25,1842)
    Engraving: C. M. Sedgwick
    Engraving: Sedgwick Mansion

    Redwood: A Tale, 2 volumes (Anonymous). NY: Bliss & White, 1824. Revised edition, NY: Putnam, 1850. Novel. (Plot summary)

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