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John Woolman (1720-1772)

John Woolman from the Heath Anthology site
"John Woolman: The Story of a Quaker Conscience" by Walter and Mildred Kahoe
"John Woolman, Quintessential Quaker" at quakerinfo.com 
Paul Reuben's PAL site has a bibliography on Woolman and information about Quaker autobiography.
John Woolman Memorial Association (genealogy site) has a picture of a house built in what was his orchard.

Image courtesy of Life magazine.

Works Available Online
Selected letters from Quakerinfo.com

Journal of John Woolman at the University of Virginia 
Journal of John Woolman (bartleby.com)
Journal of John Woolman(archive.org)
Journal of John Woolman(Google books free edition)

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