English 210
Presentation Schedule for Final Projects

As part of your Paper 4 assignment, you'll present your original research to the class during the presentation days at the end of the semester.

Length: About 5 minutes for the presentation. (No additional written work must be turned in for a grade.) Time slots are 7 minutes long to allow for setup, transitions between people and groups, and so forth. You do not have to take the whole 5 minutes for your presentation.

Your purpose is to inform the class about what you learned in writing your paper or web project. If you've done the "texts in context" paper, for example, you may want to discuss what you've discovered about the periodical or author you focused on for the paper. If you've completed a web project, you may want to show that project on the screen and discuss it with the class. If you've worked with someone else on the project, you can present your research together.

Although this presentation will be based on your final project, you shouldn't simply read your paper to the class, although you can present portions of your paper in your presentation. Instead, you should feel free to bring in film or music clips, use PowerPoint or pictures, ask students questions, and otherwise make your presentation lively and informative for the class.

Directions: Sign up for the day you would prefer by leaving a comment on our course blog at http://readingamlit.blogspot.com or emailing me at campbelld@wsu.edu. Remember, some of you may be presenting before actually turning in your final project on December 1. If your presentation requires a computer, you can either bring your own or send any information (links, PowerPoint) to me ahead of time so that you can project the materials using my computer.

If you are working in a group, each person in the group will sign up for a separate slot, which will allow you to combine your times. You need not take the whole time, however. For example, if you have 4 people in your group (technically 20 minutes for the presentation or 28 minutes in terms of slots), you might take only 10-15 minutes to present.

Tuesday 11/29 Thursday 12/1 Tuesday 12/6 Thursday 12/8
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