Signup Sheet: Contexts for The House of Mirth


We will not have class on April 15.  For April 20, you’ll sign up for one of the following sets of contextual readings, and we’ll be discussing them that day: you’ll first discuss them as a group and then present your findings to the class.


You do not need to write anything up to hand in, although you may want to make some notes about it. 

Introduction (9-28) and Wharton’s introduction (Appendix A)

Appendix B and Appendix C (autobiography & correspondence)

Appendix C (reviews)

Appendix E (Social picture of New York & Newport)

Appendix F (The Lives of Women)

Appendix G (from The Decoration of Houses)

Appendix H (“The Introducers”)

Matt Mosteller

Taylor Hamilton

Amanda Renslow

Ryan Ochoa

Seth Anderson

Ruth Nelson

Brad Tonahill


Chelsea Newman

Sarah C.

Fawn Gregory

Allie Reilly

Natalie Bryant

Carissa Wood



Brian Rush

Rebekah Roberts

Lynette Mann

Austen Szott

Kent Neidhold




Ken Schaupp



Alli Rowe




Charles Buescher