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Note: This is intended as a guide, but it may not cover everything. Material not listed here might appear on the exam. The notes you took in class should be your best guide.


I. Format.  Exam I will consist of three parts: one section of short answer or multiple-choice questions; one section of either identification questions or a short passage for close reading; and one essay question from a choice of two or three questions. 

II. Works Covered (You should know title, author, main characters, and the significance of scenes and events). Items marked with an asterisk * were not discussed extensively in class, so while you can use them in writing your essays, there will not be specific questions about them on the exam.

III. Terms and Concepts (Remember: PowerPoint lectures are available under the Lectures tab at our course blog, http://english372.wordpress.com)

IV. Potential Essay Questions. Your class notes and the discussion questions will be your best guides to potential essay questions.

1. Essay questions may ask you

2. Sample essay questions. Note: These are samples; there is no guarantee that any of them will be on the exam.