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Study Guide for Exam 2

Exam 2 will be held in our usual classroom on the date listed on the syllabus.

The second exam will cover work completed in the second half of the course; there will not be identification questions on earlier works. However, if you want to discuss characters from earlier novels in your essay, you should feel free to do so.

Your class notes will be the best guide to preparing for this exam.

I. Format. The second examination will resemble the first one in format. It will be designed to take no more than 75 minutes although you can have the full 2 hours.

Exam 2 will consist of three parts:

  1. one section of multiple-choice questions
  2. one section of either identification questions or short passagea for close reading
  3. one essay question from a choice of two or three questions. 

II. Works Covered (You should know title, author and the significance of scenes and events). Items marked with an asterisk * were not discussed extensively in class, so while you can use them in writing your essays, there will not be specific questions about them on the exam.

III. Terms and Concepts

IV. Potential Essay Questions. Your class notes and the discussion questions will be your best guides to potential essay questions.

Essay questions may ask you the following:

1. To compare and contrast

2. To analyze a passage through close reading as it relates to the work as a whole

3. To address a larger theme or idea as it relates to the work.

4. To analyze a particular pattern of imagery or symbolism in a work. Example: