Contact Information

Dr. Donna Campbell

Avery 357 • 335-4831(use e-mail to reach me in the summer; I do not check phone messages regularly then)

The best way to reach me is through email, either in Angel (which gets forwarded to me) or by regular email: We can also talk by IM, Google chat or voice, or Skype. My username for most of them (and Twitter) is dmcampbellwsu (@ whatever service), but I don't log in all the time. If you want to talk to me by one of these methods, email me and I'll log in. Email sent to me Monday through Friday will receive a response within 24 hours; email sent over the weekend will receive a response on Monday.

About me

I’m an associate professor of English at Washington State University. Although my area of research and teaching is primarily late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century American literature, I have taught courses in professional and administrative communication for several years in both in-person and online versions. I have also served as a consultant for business and professional writing textbooks for publishers such as Bedford/St. Martin’s Press and Oxford University Press. I have a special interest in teaching with technology.

If you want to see the other courses I teach or the web sites I maintain, go to my main page at .

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