Evaluation Page for Précis Assignment


Needs Work
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Full bibliographic citation in MLA format of the article or book chapter.




Printout of article handed in with précis




Summary of article (first part of the précis)

1. Does the précis summarize the overall argument that the author is making, including the author’s thesis, the logical thread of the argument, the kinds of support provided, and other essential information?


2. Does the précis include the context for the argument?

  • Does it summarize the controversy, debate, or critical conversation that the author of the essay attempts to address?
  • Does it mention the critics or points of view that the author attempts to refute?
  • Is the author attempting to overturn certain assumptions about the work, and, if so, what are those assumptions?

3. Does the précis note any critical terms or concepts that are central to the argument? Are there any special or invented terms that the author uses to argue the case? Are these defined in the précis?


4. Is the article an appropriate choice: a peer-reviewed, scholarly article found in the MLA Bibliography?

Critique of article (second part of the précis).

1. . Does the précis analyze the strengths of the article it addresses?

  • Originality. Does it explain the article's new perspective on the work being discussed?
  • Evidence. Does it evaluate the strength of the evidence that the author uses to prove his or her points?
2. Does the précis analyze any weaknesses in the article? Does it point out the parts of the essay (if any) in which the author made claims that were not supported by the evidence or used flawed logic?            
3. Does the précis show the significance of this article for understanding the subject?            
Quality of writing

1. Is the précis written in a clear, fluent style? Is it free from grammatical errors?




2. Is the précis free from punctuation and spelling errors?            
3. Are sources cited correctly, using MLA style?              

Extra credit. Does the précis cover a book or article not available online?