English 494

Study Guide for Exam 2

This page is intended as a helpful guide to studying for the exam.  It may not cover all the information that is on the test.  Your class notes and your books with your annotations should be your principal guide to studying for the exam.

Exam 2 will include multiple choice, identification, close analysis of a passage, and an essay.

I. Works Covered

All the works on your syllabus since Exam 1 may be covered; however, the works listed below will receive more emphasis. You should know the title of the story, the author, and the important features. Works in parentheses were assigned but not really discussed, so you don't need to know much about them but can discuss them in the essay portion. Some works that we didn't discuss have been omitted.

II. General issues, literary movements, ideas, and terms (from your notes). If you’ve been taking notes this semester, all of this information should be readily available in your notebook.

III. Potential essay questions. These are sample questions for the exam, although there is no guarantee that any of them will be on the exam. At least one of the questions will invite you to use materials from earlier in the semester if you want to do so, but you will not be required to write about materials covered before Exam 1.