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Report Evaluation

I. Quality of Research.

  1. Does the information presented go beyond that contained in the text or discussed in class?
  2. Has the presenter looked beyond the obvious biographical or historical points to discuss critical perspectives on the author or work?
  3. Are the sources cited on the fact sheet? Is the report factually accurate?
  4. Has the presenter used credible, current scholarly sources? Does this presentation just repeat information readily available on Wikipedia or elsewhere on the web?

____ Scholarly articles or books                                  =  Excellent
____ Scholarly web sites                                             =  Average to Good
____ General information web sites or encyclopedias            =  Fair
____ Wikipedia/enotes/Sparknotes/Yahoo answers,     =  Needs Work
____ No sources listed                                                 =  Needs Work

Excellent         Good               Average           Fair                  Needs Work


II. Depth of Discussion and Analysis.

  1. Does the presentation demonstrate the presenter’s familiarity with critical issues surrounding the topic? Does the presentation go beyond a surface level of analysis?
  2. Is the speaker able to distinguish key points from minor ones?
  3. Does the speaker link the presentation to class work?
  4. Does the speaker show a depth and range of understanding about the topic? Is the presenter able to answer questions about the topic?


Excellent         Good               Average           Fair                  Needs Work


III. Quality of Presentation

  1. Is the information organized, and is that organizational plan clear to the audience?
  2. Are key points established without hesitation or rambling?
  3. Does the presenter practice good presentation skills (good voice volume, good eye contact, engaging the audience)?
  4. Given the subject matter, does the report stay within reasonable time limits?
  5. Do the presentation materials (fact sheet, PowerPoint, overheads, etc.) demonstrate a good command of written English, free from grammatical and spelling errors?


Excellent         Good               Average           Fair                  Needs Work

Fact sheet handed out in class: __ [Yes]    ___[No -5]

Report Grade:


Notes on the Presentation: