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SSAWW Members receive a discount on their subscriptions to Legacy* as well as the SSAWW Newsletter. Participants in the SSAWW conferences and SSAWW-sponsored panels at ALA and other conferences must be SSAWW members.

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Regular and Student/Retired/Independent Scholar memberships are for three years.   With a Lifetime Membership, you will never have to worry about renewing.  

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_____Lifetime Membership ($150.00)
_____Donation to our Graduate Student Conference Scholarship Fund

Questions? Contact Karen Weyler [].

PLEASE MAKE YOUR CHECK PAYABLE TO SSAWW and send to the address below. Your canceled check will serve as your receipt.
Karen A. Weyler
Associate Professor of American Literature
Department of English, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
3143 Moore Humanities Bldg.
Greensboro, NC  27402-6170

*SSAWW members are eligible to receive a discount on subscriptions to Legacy.  Members may purchase an individual subscription to Legacy through the University of Nebraska Press.  The Press annually requests a list of SSAWW current and lifetime members and then sends out a solicitation with the discount information, usually in the spring.  It's up to the members to send in subscription information.  If you wish to subscribe at other times during the year, simply note on the subscription form that you are a member; the SSAWW treasurer will confirm this information with the Press if necessary.