Hannah F Gould


I'm sorry they let me go down to the brook,
I'm sorry they gave me the line and the hook,
And I wish I had staid at home with my book.
I'm sure 'twas no pleasure to see
That poor, little, harmless, suffering thing
Silently writhe at the end of the string;
Or to hold the pole, while I felt him swing
In torture, and all for me!
'Twas a beautiful, speckled and glossy trout,
And when from the water I drew him out
On the grassy bank, as he floundered about,
It made me shivering cold,
To think I had caused so much needless pain;
And I tried to relieve him, but all in vain;
Oh! never, as long as I live, again
May I such a sight behold!
O, what would I give once more to see
The brisk little swimmer alive and free,
And darting about,a s he used to be,
Unhurt, in his native brook!
'Tis strange how people can love to play
By taking innocent lives away;
I wish I had stayed at home to-day
With sister, and read my book.
"Take heed! take heed!
They will go with speed;
For I've just new-strung my bow!
My quiver is full; and if oft I pull,
Some arrow may hit, you know,
You know, you know,
Some arrow may hit, you know."
"Oh! pull away,"
Did the maiden say,
"For who is the coward to mind
A shaft that's flung by a boy so young,
When both of his eyes are blind,
Are blind, are blind,
When both of his eyes are blind?"
His bow he drew;
And the shafts they flew,
Till the maiden was heard to cry,
"Oh! take the dart from my aching heart,
Dear Cupid, or else I die!
I die, I die,
Dear Cupid, or else I die!"
He said, and smiled,
"I am but a child,
And should have no skill to find,
Even with both my eyes, where the dart now lies;
Then you know, fair maid, I'm blind,
I'm blind, I'm blind,
You know fair maid, I'm blind!"


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