Engl 201 Fall 2015 Complete Schedule

All readings are to be completed by the start of the class on the date assigned. All readings are from the main textbook unless otherwise specified. You are not required to do exercises in the book unless otherwise specified. Homework assignments outside formal essays will generally be given in class, but in-class writing and assignments cannot be made up outside class.

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Week 1

August 24-28


Mon:  Introduction to the course.  Review of key parts of syllabus.  Be sure to read the syllabus by Wednesday and bring in any questions you have.

Wed: Read Chapter 1. Discussion of research and scholarly writing. Review of Writing Portfolio Rubric.

Fri: Introduction to Essay 1.

Read: Chapter 4 pages 131-143, and Chapter 5 pages 188-215. Find an article or op ed about film adaptation. This should be on a film adaptation you care about, though you do not have to like the film version.

Week 2

August 31-September 4

Mon: Bring your books, and laptops or tablets. Essay 1 research and brainstorming.

Wed: Read: 215-224. Rhetorical analysis. Bring two sources you may use for Essay 1 to class. We will have exercises that require them.

Fri: Library. Meet in Terrell 105.

Week 3

September 7-11

Mon: Labor Day, no class.

Wed: Read: Chapter 1 Cambridge Companion.

Fri: Read: Chapter 7 Cambridge Companion.

Week 4

September 14-18




Mon: Read: Chapter 8 Integrating Source Material.

Wed: Continued discussion of concepts from chapter 8.

Fri: Essay 1 peer evaluation. Meet in Avery 103 Computer Lab. Bring access to your Adaptation draft on flash drive or in a file you can access online, such as through Google Docs or your online email.

Directions: By the start of class upload a .doc or .docx copy of your rough draft to your group's topic thread in the Adaptation Analysis Peer Evaluation discussion board in Blackboard. You must post a comment in the text box in order for your submission to be accepted.

Select two of your peers' drafts and respond to the questions in the document below by downloading their draft and responding with the Review function in MS Word. Once you are done, save their draft as a .pdf and upload it in a reply to their post. You may copy your main response to the text field. You must hit reply at the bottom of the screen (you may need to scroll down) in order to complete your review.

In order to receive credit for peer evaluation you must complete reviewing two drafts in your group's topic thread by 5 p.m. Sunday. It is strongly recommended you check the number of responses to each group member more than once, in case one person only has one response. DO NOT provide a third response when one person has fewer than two responses.

Week 5

September 21-25







Mon: Essay 1 due. Read: Chapter 7 Conducting Secondary research. Introduction to Essay 2.

Wed: Library Session: Meet in MASC. Read:

University History Research: Home

Manuscripts, Archives & Special Collections

You are only required to review the main pages, in order to give you a better understanding of the MASC. It may be wise to bookmark the second link for easy reference.

Also read:

The Greatest Pie Fight in Cinematic History Has Been Found

Fri: Read: Chapter 10 Conducting Primary Research, and How Advertisers Convinced Americans They Smell Bad. Come prepared with potential primary research questions based on the session in the MASC.

An additional definition of primary and secondary sources may be found at:

Princeton: What Is a Primary Source?

Writing Homework for Monday:

Quick Write/Response:
What does Everts assert was the key to building sales for deodorants and antiperspirants? How or where do you see similar strategies used by advertisers today?

Main questions:

1. What is Everts’ purpose or agenda?
2. What kinds of sources does Everts rely on? Are they used persuasively?
3. What objections might be raised to this argument?
4. If consumers won’t see a product as a solution to a problem, then advertisers must convince consumers that they have a problem which the product solves. Summarize how Everts believes advertisers persuaded American women they needed deodorants and antiperspirants. What context allowed the advertising strategy to convince women they needed these products?
5. Explain the context that allowed advertisers to convince American men that they needed deodorants and antiperspirants.
6.  What products follow a similar strategy to sell products to women? To men? To a broad group of consumers? Provide examples.

Please have your answers ready for submission by the start of class on Monday, September 28. You may also submit them to the Homework Weeks 1-8 Dropbox in Blackboard.

Week 6

September 28-October 2

Mon: Read: Chapter 11 Revising and Editing Academic writing. Essay 1 returned.

Wed: Continued discussion of sources. Bring your laptops and tablets for in-class writing and research.

By the end of class please respond to the following questions:

1. What is your topic for Essay 2?

2. What are you hoping to find about it in your research? Are there any areas in reference materials and/or journal databases that might help you?

Fri: Library Session: Reference Materials and Journal Databases. Location: Terrell 20E.

Week 7

October 5-9










Mon: Workshop. There will be in-class writing based on Friday's library session. Bring a working draft of essay 2.

Wed: Citing Archival Sources. Be prepared to take notes.

Fri: Essay 2 peer evaluation. Peer evaluation questions to be determined.

Please also respond to the Essay 2 Reflection questions in half a page to a page, or more.

Directions: As before, upload your draft to the appropriate group thread in Blackboard by the start of class. Responses to two of your group's drafts must be submitted by 5 p.m. Sunday in order for you to receive credit.

For reference on citing archival sources (from Wednesday's Powerpoint):

Purdue University Libraries


The OWL—citing digital archives sources


The Library of Congress--MLA


Week 8

October 12-16


Mon: Essay 2 due. Introduction to Essay 3.

Wed: Google "Literature Review," find an example from your general discipline (education, science, etc) and bring your example to class.

Fri: Read Chapter 17: The Literature Review and Purdue OWL: Literature Review.

Week 9

October 19-23


Mon: Read: 143-151 Making an Argument. Essay 2 returned.

Wed: Workshop on argument and analysis.

Fri: Library Session: Source Conversations. Location: Terrell 20E.

Read the main page for the library government docs in preparation for the session.


Week 10

October 26-30

Mon: In-class peer review of Essay 1 or 2, print copies required. Changes should be underlined or highlighted for readers.

Wed: Read: Chapter 9 Writing a Synthesis Paper. Introduction to Proposal.

Fri: Essay 3 peer evaluation.

Directions: As before, upload your draft to the appropriate group thread in Blackboard by the start of class. Responses to two of your group's drafts must be submitted by 5 p.m. Sunday in order for you to receive credit.

Week 11

November 2-6

Mon: Review of Essay 4. Discussion of Essay 4 in the context of previous research, and how we can enter the conversation through argument and research. You will need your textbook.

Please refer to Chapter 2 Proposals for guidelines and examples.

Wed: Essay 3 due. Please also respond to the Essay 3 Reflection questions in half a page to a page, or more.

Proposal workshop. Bring a working draft or access to.

Fri: Proposal due. Submit to the Proposal Dropbox in Blackboard (in the Grade Assignments folder).

A. Read A Modest Proposal (you can find other versions by Googling it). By 5 p.m. please respond to the following questions and submit them to the Weeks 9-16 dropbox in Blackboard:

1. "A Modest Proposal” is an ironic essay: the author deliberately writes what he does not mean.  What is the real thesis?  Is there more than one? 
2. A clear difference exists between Swift and the persona who makes this proposal.  Characterize the proposer. Why does Swift present the proposer in this manner? 
3. Would it be possible to read this essay as a serious proposal? 
4. When does the reader begin to realize that the essay is satirical?  Before or after the actual proposal is made in paragraph 10?  
5. Does the essay merely function as a satirical attack?  Does Swift ever present any serious proposals for improving conditions?  If so, where? 
6. What is the purpose of the last paragraph?

B. Select five sources from your literature review you may want to use in your research paper. Brainstorm on three subpoints/claims you may want to focus on and create a research matrix for your sources.

Week 12

November 9-13

Mon: Review: Chapter 10 in the context of Essay 4.

Wed: Veteran's Day, no class.

Fri: Bring a working draft of Essay 4. We will have in-class activities that require these. It is recommended you come prepared to discuss counter-argument and other ways to address disagreement in your drafts.

Week 13

November 16-20


Mon-Wed: Conferences for Essay 4.

Fri: Essay 4 peer evaluation. Peer evaluation questions.

Directions: As before, upload your draft to the appropriate group thread in Blackboard by the start of class. Responses to two of your group's drafts must be submitted by midnight (11:59 p.m.) Sunday in order for you to receive credit.

Week 14

November 23-27

Thanksgiving Break, no class.

Week 15

November 30-December 4

Mon: Essay 4 due, if necessary. Review of Writing Portfolio and Writing Portfolio Rubric.

Please bring a draft of your introduction paragraph(s) for a targeted workshop on your introduction and thesis.

Wed: Review Chapter 11. Workshop. Bring a print draft of essay 4 to class; scissors will be provided for the workshop, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Fri: Workshop.

Week 16

December 7-11

Mon: Cover Letter peer evaluation. Peer evaluation questions.

Directions: upload your draft to the appropriate group thread in Blackboard by the start of class. Responses to two of your group's drafts must be submitted by the start of class on Wednesday in order for you to receive credit.

Review of key concepts and guidelines.

Fri: Review of key concepts and guidelines.

Week 17

December 14-18 Finals Week

No class. Writing Portolio due Tuesday by 10 a.m.

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