Congratulations, Captain. You are approaching the Planet of Dinosaurs.
But first, welcome to the rather shabby galaxy of

Michael Delahoyde

Clinical Professor of English
Washington State University

Project Orpheus, for Humanities in the Ancient World and Mythology courses (esp. Humanities 101, Fall 2016; Humanities 103, Fall 2018).

Medieval Literature, Arts, & Humanities
Resources for current and future classes in Humanities (esp. Humanities 302, Fall 2018) and other classes (English 370, Fall 2010).

Resources for classes (English 370, Fall 2010).

Renaissance Literature, Arts, & Humanities
Resources for Humanities and English classes (esp. Humanities 302, Fall 2018; English 370, Fall 2010).

Delahoyde's ongoing obsession and for Shakespeare classes (esp. English 205, Spring 2018; English 305; English 306; Honors 440).

Author pages, critical theory, research and writing resources for literature courses.

20th-Century Literature, Arts, & Humanities
Resources for Humanities in the Modern World (i.e., Humanities 304, Spring 2018).

Love in the Arts
Resources for the course (Humanities 410, Summer 2011, god help me).

A resource for the study of monsters in literature and film (English 338, Fall 2009) and for the occasional outreach event.

Planet of Dinosaurs
The Dino-Source for popular culture scholarship on dinosaur films.

Science Fiction
Developing in conjunction with an occasional class on Science Fiction (English 338), this began as a film site for a Fall 2000 lecture and film series.

Writing Hospital
Resources and materials for Composition (e.g., Honors English 298, Fall 2014, and the occasional English 101) and other writing courses. Woe to you if you have been sent here, but you'll be a better and healthier human as a result.

Semi-Personal Info
The tragic life and untimely deaths of Michael Delahoyde. Weed it and reap.

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