Mythology and Humanities in the Ancient World
Delahoyde & Hughes


Project Orpheus -- a web resource in gradual progress designed primarily for teachers, but also for students, of Classical Mythology and Humanities in the Ancient World -- has been one of the new millennium projects for Michael Delahoyde and Collin Hughes, clinical faculty in the English Department at Washington State University (Hughes formerly), launched with the help of Co-Teach support and maintained through the benevolence of the General Education department. This Delahoyde portion of the site will continue to be integrated with the Hughes material in the coming years, even if Collin sticks with selling Hondas and never comes back to the happy squalor.

The Orpheus of classical myth serves
as an inspiration to teachers.
His lyrical talents are inspirational
and the miseries of the underworld
grind to a halt when he is en forme.
He has been to hell and back.
Even torn apart and decapitated
by mindless bacchanals,
his music continues to sweeten
the lives those who would listen.