The Thesis Statement

The thesis statement serves at the controlling idea of the paper. It represents the entire argument or analysis, distilled into one or two condensed sentences. As such, the thesis statement must be

In addition, ideal thesis statements tend to be

Do not ask unanswered questions in your thesis paragraph that you misguidedly think can take the place of the actual statement (e.g., "But what is the real significance of the film Planet of Dinosaurs? Hmmm.").

Don't be coy and withhold your idea in the foolish hope that you will intrigue your readers at first and surprise them later (e.g., "The real significance of the film Planet of Dinosaurs is quite interesting!").

And, don't state in stilted, wooden fashion what the paper will do (e.g., "This paper will examine four different aspects about Mattel's 'Let's Get Anorexic' board game."). Just make the statement!

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