WSU Delta Chi

           The Washington State University chapter of Delta Chi was founded in 1987. Our current chapter house was completed in 1998 when we were reinstated as a chapter at WSU. The house is currently the newest chapter house on greek row. We are proud to have one of the tightest brotherhoods on campus.

Delta Chi offers the opportunity to develop and sharpen skills in leadership through practical experience. Why learn leadership skills from the sideline when YOU can be a leader. The chapter is run by it's members, who are students, and who make real decisions on real issues.

Need advise on your courses? Our member body is diverse, with people in a variety of majors from freshmen to seniors. Get an idea of what to expect and what to prepare for.

A common misconception regarding fraternities is the idea that your experience and involvement with the fraternity ends when you graduate, but nothing could be further from the truth. Delta Chi alumni have the opportunity and are highly encouraged to maintain a relationship with the fraternity throughout their lives.

The Chapter is located at 800 NE Monroe, and has floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking both Monroe and Colorado Street.

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To see photos of the house, visit this page.

800 NE Monroe. Pullman, WA 99163  •  Headquarters: