Interested in Delta Chi? Want to join? Here's how:

Summer Recruitment

           If you are interested in becoming an associate member, especially if you would like to live in the house your first year, please join our summer recruitment facebook page here to get up to date information on upcoming summer recruitment events in your area. Or visit the members page for the contact information of our rush chairman to contact him directly.

Fall Recruitment

           Those going through Fall rush will be given a house tour during a scheduled time. After that, we will have small events such a barbeques open to those interested, during which you can decide if the house is a good fit for you. If offered a bid card, you will have the opportunity to pledge Delta Chi, should you so choose.

           Pledging Delta Chi is a commitment to uphold high standards for yourself and for your brothers. The brotherhood you will become a part of, should you be accepted, is one of Respect, Pride, and Merit. These are the values of Delta Chi.

800 NE Monroe. Pullman, WA 99163  •  Headquarters: