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W-S-U Police and Fire
Stop by the campus police department office in the Public Safety Building on the east end of Terrell Mall and look at the "Public and Media Information" folder on the front desk every day. Read about the police and fire calls from the previous day.

Make notes about each event that seems significant. If multiple "units" (police cars) are listed, the event might be worth investigating further. The records show the name and date of birth of individuals who the police arrested.

For more information about specific events, ask to speak with Linda Jascha-Schaff or an officer. It is always a good idea to write a short 35-45 second reader story to use in your newscast based on your reporting.

Glenn Johnson serves as Public Information Officer for the W-S-U Fire Department. You should contact him at least once during the week to find out if he has any news or releases. Contact Glenn Johnson at 5-3068, Murrow Hall 205. The WSU Police Web site occasionally has fresh information.

Pullman Police
Check the Pullman Police Web site ( on the Police link on the left, then view "latest news" and "records") .

When reading the police log for the day, note calls that required multiple "units" to respond. This is an indication of a significant event. The log also lists the name and date of birth of any individuals who have been arrested. Names may be blacked out if the person filing the complaint requested to have their name off the record.

To get more information about any specific call, go to the police station and fill out a "Public Record Disclosure Request." Billie Shinall will review the request and release the information if the case has been ajudicated in the case of an arrest. You will be charged 15 cents for each copy.

Moscow Police
Daily activity log is linked here.

Pullman Fire
The Pullman Fire Web site ( on the Fire link on the left, then view "latest news")

Call Pullman Fire Department Administrative Assistant Debbie Kelly at 332-8172 to find out if there were any significant calls during the past day.

The Pullman and W-S-U Fire Department Public Information Officer is Glenn Johnson, 5-3068, Murrow Hall 205. You should contact him at least once during your beat to find out if either fire department has planned any special events or if he has any new press releases.

Washington State Patrol
The W-S-P media release page page has some curent information, but is mostly fluff, and mostly very badly written. As with all releases, use the information as a starting point for your story. Contact an officer for updated information.

If you need to contact someone about an accident that is outside of city limits, try the public information officers for the Spokane district. There is also a local detachment at 300 N Mill St, Colfax, WA 99111-1826 (509) 397-3600

Eastern Washington U.S. Marshals Service
This Web site lists former W-S-U student Frederick Russell as among its most wanted.

Eastern Washington U.S. District Court
Occasionally, high profle cases from Pullman are tried in federal court. Schedules and verdicts are printed here.

Sex Offender Registries
You can see a list of level three sex offenders in any community or county in Washington by following this link at the Washington State Sex Offender Information Center. or this link to the Idaho State Sex Offender Registry.

Whitman County Sheriff
The Whitman County Sheriff's office publishes press releases concerning crimes, arrests, and DARE program activities.

Latah County Sheriff
The Latah County Sheriff's office also publishes press releases, as well as a "most wanted" list.

Latah County Health Inspection Reports
Enter the Idaho city or county in the search box to see a list of inspection reports from the past year.

Pullman Regional Hospital
For one word descriptions of the condition of accident victims, call Public Relations Director Matt Strange at 336-0267. You must know the name of the victim, and the victim must have "opted in" to the release of information. Mr. Strange may release more than a one word description of the condition, but only if the patient has agreed to release the additional information. The Guide for Cooperation describes the policies for release of information in Washington hospitals.

Whitman County District Court
Stop by the Colfax or Pullman branches of the Whitman County District Court to see what is on the court docket that day. For scheduled hearings in Pullman and Colfax, consult the Whitman County District Court Web site. You may also look up dates of specific casesif you know the name of the defendent using this site.

Generally, the Pullman branch holds court on Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning at nine a-m. The first cases to be heard each day are arraignment hearings, in which the judge reads the charges, and a sworn statement from the arresting officer. This is the defendent's first appearance in court.

At eleven in the morning on Tuesdays in Pullman, and four in the afternoon on Thursdays, the court hears the D-U-I cases.

Most of the criminal cases in Pullman are on Thursdays. Cases involving warrants are often at eleven a-m.

Small claims court is held in Pullman on the second Tuesday of the month at two-thirty. The court provides useful information to help you understand the small claims court process.

You may also contact the court administrators listed here.

Please note that if you attend a hearing, you must follow the rules of the court, including:

1. No cell phones

2. No hats.

3. No interruption of the proceedings -- you may not ask questions or speak during the proceedings. The courtroom microphones are very sensitive: avoid all unnecessary noises.

4. Dress professionally -- no shorts, revealing clothing, torn jeans, etc. You may be asked to leave the courtroom if you are not dressed appropriately.

Washington State Court opinions
Alternatively, you may write a story about a recent opinion from the Washington State Supreme Court, State Court of Appeals, which are listed here: recent Washington State court opinions




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