Mark F. Dybdahl

School of Biological Sciences
Washington State University
Pullman WA 99164-4236

Office: 269 Eastlick
Phone: 509-335-7909, 7914

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Research Interests

Why do most organisms undergo sexual reproduction? Or more specifically, what factors maintain sexual reproduction when strains within a species that reproduce asexually could invade and displace sexuals? More than 20 genetic, evolutionary, and ecological hypotheses have been proposed to answer this basic question, often considered the queen of evolutionary problems. As an evolutionary ecologist, my research focuses on the ecological and evolutionary consequences of sexual and asexual modes of reproduction. My research covers two major areas:

My research subjects include both marine and freshwater invertebrates. In my lab, we use molecular genetic marker studies, laboratory infection experiments, and studies of natural populations to address our main questions. Research topics in my group include host-parasite interactions, the ecology and evolution of sexual and asexual reproduction, life-history evolution, and invasion ecology. For more information, please jump to my "Research Activities and Publications" web page.



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