Department of Teaching and Learning, Washington State University

Joy Egbert

Recent Publications

Egbert, J., Huff, L. McNeil, L., Preuss, C., Sellen, J. (2009). Pedagogy, Process, and Classroom Context: Integrating Teacher Voice and Experience Into Research on Technology-Enhanced Language Learning. Modern Language Journal (p 754-768)


Egbert, J., & Salsbury, T (2009). "Out of complacency and into action": an exploration of professional development experiences in school/home literacy engagement. Teaching Education, 20(4), 375 - 393.

Egbert, J. (2008). Supporting learning with Technology: Essentials of Classroom Practice. Merrill/Prentice Hall.


I'm currently Professor of ESL and Technology and Coordinator of the ESL and LLE programs at Washington State University in Pullman. My areas of specialization are computer-assisted language learning (CALL), teacher education, and ESL methods. I'm very interested in both student engagement and differentiation of instruction as topics of investigation.

Upcoming Activities

I'll keynote at JALTCALL this May (2010). I'm excited to be a part of this conference!


Two books will come out in June 2010:

 Egbert, J., & Ernst-Slavit, G. Access to Academics: Planning Instruction for K-12 Classrooms with ELLs. Allyn & Bacon/Pearson.

 Egbert, J. (Ed). CALL in Limited Technology Contexts. CALICO. Area editors: Vance Stevens, Senem Yildiz, Jeff Nelson, YuFeng Yang, ChinChi Chao.


Next year at WSU I'll be working with educational technology instead of ESL - it should be an interesting (if temporary) change.


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Work in Progress

Egbert & Sanden (book). Coming to Terms: Demystifying Theoretical Components of Education Research (tentative title)


Egbert, Salsbury, and Shinew, grant project - Researching the Effects of Situating Learning for Teachers in Classrooms with ELLs