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EM 526 Constraints Management is taught each Spring Semester (beginning in the first full week of January and ending the first week of May).  The weekly lectures are taught by "Video Streaming" over the Internet using live video conferencing software.  This course is available anywhere you have a high speed Internet connection.

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"We can all think." "Systems are Simple." "Everything can be Improved." "Never Say I know." "There is a way!"


Class Syllabus

Students completing this course in the TOC Thinking Process can receive a Jonah Certificate from TOCICO (the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization).
EM 526 is the TOC Thinking Process plus much discussion about other TOC topics.
This class (with practice afterwards) is sufficient to prepare for the TOCICO Thinking Process Certification Exam.

(See a  Introduction to The Theory of Constraints: Constraints Management Overviews)


Graduate classes taught over a distance are not as easy as being in a classroom. But, we know how to do this.  You can make it. It's easy to communicate through audio and video during class. There is also a Live Chat Room during lecture.  Students are assigned to a Team during class.  Students also review other student's work.  Our course software has a special Email service for our class.  Each Team has a Student Assistant to answer questions and ask leading questions. And, the Instructor is always available. 


Course Content: EM 526 Constraints Management focuses on Eli Goldratt's Thinking Processes. Students learn the Thinking Processes by applying them to a complex problem of their own choosing. They analysis the system by logical cause and effect to find the core conflict of the system. They discover breakthrough solutions as new directions for their future. Students validate their solution with a Future Reality Tree (could consider this as the company strategy plan) trimming the negative effects. They also create a step-by-step action plan to overcome all the obstacles in their plan and cause the future to exist in reality.

This course is for students looking for new solutions to unresolved problems or to find ways to implement proven solutions in a complex system. (Students wanting to learn the proven solutions of Drum-Buffer-Rope, Critical Chain Project Management, Replenishment and Supply Chain should take EM 530 Applications in Constraints Management).

Students who have completed both EM 526 and EM 530 can enroll in EM 534 Contemporary Topics in Constraints Management multiple times to keep up-to-date with the most current TOC materials. A Certificate in Constraints Management is also available. See details at: http://www.engrmgt.wsu.edu/certificates.html

EM 526 Constraints Management is a course intended for graduate engineers pursuing a masters degree in Engineering Management. Others in different degree granting programs may apply. The minimum requirements for admission to the EM 526 Constraints Management course are:

  • An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • A 3.0 or equivalent undergraduate GPA (or approval from the instructor.)
  • A serious interest in learning the Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes to solve complex, systemic problems.

Note: Qualified undergraduates can enroll in EM 426 Constraints Management at the undergraduate level.

There will be a class size limit for combined EM 526 and EM 426. Those enrolling in EM 526 receive preference.

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