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TOCICO Fundamentals Exam Preparation Seminar Materials.

The Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization, TOCICO (www.TOCICO.org) is an independent, un-attached international organization who's purpose is to:

To provide industry (organizations, education providers and individuals) with an internationally recognized standard to assess the level of expertise of Theory of Constraints professionals (academics, practitioners, implementers)

To adminster the Certification process for TOC professionals around the world

To promote the TOC Body of Knowledge and professional integrity of the Certified TOC Professionals

TOCICO offers a series of Certification Exams that measure knowledge of the TOC Fundamentals. And Certification Exams focusing on specific application exam areas for Practioner Certificationi.

TOCICO outlines the certification criterial associated with each of the exams (see the Certification tab at www.TOCICO.org) but TOCICO does not provide training for the exams. Individuals may receive learning and training from many sources.

TOCICO members are encouraged to become certified and train each other the growing yet well known and accepted TOC Body of Knowledge.

There are too few people actively training each other. One potential cause of this is the lack a specific set of training materials. This is easy to understand since the body of TOC knowledge is growing so fast that it is hard to describe exactly what the TOC Body of Knowlege is at any point in time.

However, the Fundamentals of TOC are pretty stable. Many readily available sources of TOC Fundamental knowledge are listed under the Fundamentals Exam Tab at www.TOCICO.org.

Still, it takes a lot of effort to put together the training materials.

So, as an independent member of TOCICO who is Certified in the TOC Fundamentals and as an academic that teaches a lot of TOC courses, I've decided to share an abundance of knowledge about the TOC Fundamentals with anyone who wishes to use it.

DISCLAIMER: The material in these slides were developed over time and represents Dr. Holt's personal view and approach to TOC. It is not the view of Washington State University nor TOCICO. It may be dated, incomplete or absolutely wrong. While the text and figure in the presentations are helpful to facilitate teaching and discussion of these topics, without the words that go with the slides, the presentations are not complete and may not even make sense. This material is made available in the public domain as a service. Individuals may use this material as resources to teach their own TOC review seminars as long as they give reference to the source. There is no promise nor expectation that these materials are either necessary or sufficient to pass any of the TOCICO certification exams. Anyone using these materials should continue to study from the many other sources of excellent TOC literature available. In many cases, common knowledge is included here without reference. If you would like to improve any of these files, pleas do so. Your contribution will be included in future postings.

TOCICO Fundamental Exam Preparation Seminar Materials:

Intro to the TOCICO Fundamentals Exam Structure TOCICOExams.ppt

Intro to TOC Philosophy TOC-Philosophy.ppt

Intro to TOC Thinking Processes TOC Thinking Processes.ppt

Intro to TOC Finance and Measures TOC-Finance-Measures.ppt

Intro to TOC DBR TOC-DBR.ppt

Intro to TOC Project Management TOC-Project-Management.ppt

Intro to TOC Replenishment TOC-Replenishment.ppt

New TOCICO Basics Exams Available:

The TOCICO Fundamentals Exam covers the fundamental TOC concepts that are common to all the TOC Proven Solutions. Learning the breadth of the TOC Fundamentals can be a daunting task. Sometimes it's better to learn a bit of TOC and then take an exam on just that small part. Then learn more and test again and learn more, and so on. And sometimes learning all the fundamentals may be more than you really need.

If you are a worker in a plant using Drum-Buffer-Rope, you need to know how to react to instructions or changes in the plant. The TOCICO Basics exam for Drum Buffer Rope covers just those topics.

If you are working in a project environment and management wants to use Critical Chain, then the TOCICO Basics Exam for Critical Chain Project Management makes sure you understand enough about CCPM to respond correctly.

Its the same with the other Basics Exams (Thinking Processes, Finance & Measures, TOC Replenishment, and TOC Philosophy).

You may find these exams very helpful in evaluating your own knowledge in these areas. The exams can be taken anytime over the Internet without a proctor. They are inexpensive and private. They can be very helpful you to focus your study on to the things you don't quite understand.

You can access the TOCICO Basics Exams at Http://www.TOCICO.org under the <Certification> tab or <New on TOCICO> Tab. There is a pull down menu item called Basics Exam.

For a small fee, you can take a Basics Exam and boost your confidence. When you have passed most of the Basics Exams, you should be ready to tackle the TOCICO Fundamentals Exam.



To contribute changes and improvements to any of these slide sets, email the presentation name, slide number and improvement to: jholt@wsu.edu

James R. Holt
Engineering & Technology Management
Washington State University


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