EM 530 Applications in Constraints Management

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The EM 530 Curriculum now includes an overview and preparatory material for the TOCIOC Fundamentals Exam (See TOCICO Fundamentals Exam).

EM 530 has always included sufficient material to prepare students for the TOCICO Supply Chain Logistics Exam and the TOCICO Project Management Exam.

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On-Line Lecture Courses over the Internet:

EM 530 Applications in Constraints Management is now an On-Line course available to qualified graduate students worldwide. Course work is available on the Internet with weekly Video Conference lectures using software that lets student be involved in class (even present their material by video) in much that same manner as a traditional classroom. The video lectures are recorded for later review. There are additional materials for self study, student exercises and projects.

The class focus is on the management of physical constraints. The class includes: Drum-Buffer-Rope (flow shop, A, V, T and job shop), Critical Chain Project Management (single and multiple project), Supply Chain (replenishment and enterprise wide implementations). Students work hand and computer simulations to develop their intuition. Class communication is by email, chat room, telephone and office hour discussions. Fax and mail are also acceptable. There are suggested discussion groups (on-line conferences) to discuss group issues and clarify issues.

Course Documents:

Stream Introduction to The Theory of Constraints: Constraints Management Overviews

Class Syllabus

Managing Complex Organizations Paper with Keeping Promises Spread Sheet (Putting TDD and IDD to use in large organizations.)

TOC Games (as a group)

TOC Project Management Games (.pdf)

Instructions: Dice Game Instructions

Job Shop Game Video Instructions(Video), PowerPoint for Video
Instructions: Job Shop Game Instructor Description
Visual Aids:
Job Shop Game Visual Aid , Game Cards Basic , Game Cards Advanced , Game Cards Balanced Line
Value of being Reliable and Fast: 
Value in the Job Shop Game in $$

Instructions: The Nickel Game Video

Instructions: The Dollar Game Video

Critical Chain Project Management Buffer Management Game

The Assembly Game is a powerful and helpful insight to having a different type of Resource Buffer.

The Sixes Game Video (very powerful for understanding fundamentals and managing resources in CCPM)

ProChain Multi-Tasking Simulator

Supply Chain Game (Manual-PowerPoint)

TOC Replenishment (Bean-VMI-Game) courtesy of Goldratt Schools

TOC in Supply Chains

Book Review Necessary But Not Sufficient

Visual Project Management Video Presentation
NEW! Visual Project Management (VPM Lite) Version 2.0 has added Firm Predecessors so you can build a full project. It's now available for free from the iPhone Apps store.

NEW! Visual Project Management (smart phone or desktop computer version) is available at: http://www.visualprojmgmt.com/. This free version does not have Firm Predecessors yet. Soon, organizational structure (many users reporting their own progress) will be added to both sites.
PQ Problem
PQ Problem with some challenging options

Free Clips from the TOC Insights in Operation, Finance & Measures, Projects and Distribution are available at:
TOC Insights

Interesting Video Discussion about Making Change in Projects (52 mins)
Intro to CCPM
by Rob Newbold
Overview of CCPM S&T Approach

Critical Reviews of CCPM
Against, "A Critical Look at Critical Chain Project Management"
Rebuttal of "Against" EM 540 Research Paper
compilation of many views "Critical-Chain in ERP Implementations" (note, ERP should really use Replenishment)
A quality Academic article: Teaching Critical Chain Project Management, the Debate

Interesting Previous Student Work:
Jamie Millers Dice Game-Simple Assembly
Robert Lorbeski's Dice Game-More Complicated Assembly
Hilbert Robinson's Rabbit Chase Paper
Ron Hawthorne's clever Budget Distribution paper
Zelda Turner's Dice Version of the Bead Experiment (see Session 8) with the MS Project File
Short Story, TigerWoods on Project Management, Chapter 1, by Joseph Pangilinan

Other Interesting Reading:

It's Just Not Fair: Precision Power
It's Just Not FairFarmer Safe
APICS Constraints Management Paper on Supply Chain
PowerPoint Presentation on Supply Chain

Presentation paper comparing seven different methods of managing a production line based on simulation of a common product schedule and common equipment - insightful! Comparing Management Management Methods (Powerpoint)

The following is an zipped, public domain program to display the above PowerPoint presentations: Nice Viewer/Printer (2,790 K) for those without PowerPoint Software

Other TOC Documents of Interest
CCPM in Japan (Use http://babelfish.altavista.com/ for a partial from Japanese to English translation)
SciForma (PS8) Student Software Site 
Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute Home
The TOC Center Home Jonah's can ask for a password to restricted data
Larry Leach's Advanced Project Pages
Tony Rizzo's Product Development Institute Pages <- Best Spot for Critical Chain Theory
Link to ProChain Newsletter /Articles Achives
Dr Holt's EM 526 Constraints Management Home Page 

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