EM 534 Contemporary Topics in Constraints Management

Eli Goldratt says, "a Nice and very needed initiative."

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 Class Syllabus

On-Line Internet Class: Live lectures are once a week in the evenings using Blackboard academic video services and media services.

Those you participated previously may enroll in this course and will find a wide variety of new material.

This course is for students who already know the Goldratt Thinking Processes and the Theory of Constraints Proven Solutions. Students should also have tried to implement a TOC solution. This course is for those looking to renew their Thinking Process skills, to extend their understanding and to learn the newest in TOC applications. This is a follow-on course for student who have earned their Constraints Management Certificate and seek continued TOC education. However, this graduate course is open to all with an adequate level of TOC Experience (if you have not completed EM 526 Constraints Management and EM 530 Applications in Constraints Management, you will need Dr. Holt's approval to enroll).

This class will be taught to the typical distributed locations in the Washington State University network. This means, the class is delivered with live, interactive streaming video to students over the Internet at any location with a broadband connections. Students may also view archived streaming video lectures, if the class times are not convenient. Course materials, individual study assignments, discussion groups, homework submissions and classroom interaction are handled by Blackboard Collaborate

Dr. Eli Goldratt asked that I post the following materials publicly so everyone can learn to create Strategic and Tactic Trees: The Strategy and Tactics of Making TOC a Mainstream Management Tool with an example of the Strategy-Tactic of Moving TOC to the Mainstream

Dr Goldratt allowed posting these Viable Vision Strategy & Tactic Trees (to Level 4):
Rapid Reliable Response (Zycon Solution) Strategy and Tactic Tree
Project Management Strategy and Tactic Tree
Consumer Goods Strategy and Tactic Tree

Please Note: You can down load (for free, just need to register), the Harmony S&T Viewer prepared by Goldratt Research Labs. The Harmony Viewer comes with a library of the newest versions of the public S&T Trees. Visit: http://goldrattresearchlabs.com/, select the <Download Harmony now> menu item on the left, click the <To Register click Here> link and after registration you can down load the Harmony S&T Viewer. It has great features for presenting S&T Trees (and even making them, but you can't save with the Viewer).

 Guest Lectures:

Pas lecturers from previous courses: 

Alan Barnard: CEO of Goldratt Reserach Labs
Kirk Botula
: Confluence: Critical Chain Software in Software
David Bergland: Triz and TOC: A Breakthrough in Creativity
Bill Dettmer: The Management Interactive Case Study Simulator (or other topic of interest)
Dr Rexford Draman, University of Texas-Brownsville, TOC Strategy
Dr Lisa Ferguson, TOC Healthcare, How to Write the S&T Tree, S&T for a Hospital
Bob Fox (TOCC): Fast Implementations
Eli Goldratt: The Strategy and Tactic Tree.
Dr Lisa Lang, Science of Business, The Marketing & Sales Solution
Justin Roff-Marsh, Ballistix, Engineering the Sales Process
Lisa Scheinkopf, Goldratt Consulting, Thinking Process for CEOs.
Eli Schragenheim: Handling TDD and IDD Supply Chain Measures
John Thompson: Strategic Implementation of TOC
Charlene Spoede Budd: The newest TOC Measurements
Danny Walsh: Update on the Marine Corps Depot Inegrated Solution

Students registering for this Internet course must have computer capacity and communications speeds that meet or exceed the minimum hardware requirements. You can find out techical issues on these orientation pages.

This is a graduate class (and a tough one at that). Those wishing to enroll must qualify as graduate students. They must be able to read, write and present in English. The course schedule is quick. Students will complete a full TP analysis, write two papers, make a presentation and have other minor homework during the 15 class sessions. The class schedule is scheduled with Critical Chain; aggressive times with project buffers.

While there is no requirement for group projects in this course, good communication between class members and with the instructor is strongly recommended. This can be by email, discussion groups (asynchronous), chat room and whiteboard (synchronous), and traditional telephone and fax.

Course Documents:

Class Syllabus

The Delay Spiral
Countering the Delay Spiral
On Being Fast!

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