Recent Lab News


Romero, L.M., Platts, S.H., Schoech S.J., Wada, H., Crespi, E.J., Martin, L.B., Buck, C.L. “Understanding stress in the healthy animal – Potential paths for progress” Published in Stress. (doi:10.3109/10253890.2015.1073255)


Juan Ramirez was awarded the Scott & Linda Carson Undergraduate Research Scholarship.


Hall, E.M., Goldberg, C., Crespi, E.J., Brunner, J.L. “Evaluating environmental DNA-based quantification of ranavirus infection in wood frog populations” published in Molecular Ecology Resources. (doi:10.1111/1755-0998.12461)


Emily Hall presented research titled “Hypersaline roadside conditions influence larval amphibian susceptibility to ranavirus infection” at the centennial meeting of the Ecological Society of America in Baltimore, MD.


Crespi, E.J, Rissler, L.J., Mattheus N., Engbrecht, K., Duncan S.I. , Seaborn, T., Hall, E.M., Peterson J.D.,  Brunner J.L. “Geophysiology of woodfrogs: Landscape patterns of circulating hormone concentrations and prevalence of disease across the eastern range” published in Integrative and Comparative Biology.


Kayla Titialii was awarded Leo Millam Undergraduate Research Scholarship.


Emily Hall presented research titled “On The Road To Disease: Susceptibility To Ranavirus Infection of Wood Frog Populations Near Roads ” at the Third International Symposium of Ranaviruses in Gainesville, FL.


Juan Ramirez was awarded the Hebert L. Eastlick Scholarship and the John Allen Lewis Memorial Scholarship, and the Boeing Team Mentor Scholarship.


Marietta Easterling and Emily Hall received Grants-in-Aid of Research from Sigma Xi entitled:

“Examining the effects of leptin on developing and regenerating limbs in Xenopus laevis tadpoles”

“Does road salt influence the probability of disease-associated die-offs of larval amphibians?”


Molly Diamond was awarded the WSU Emeritus Society Undergraduate Award for a Poster Presentation at the Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities.


Former Masters Student Mike Porzio lands R&D lab manager position at Senestech in Flagstaff, AZ.


Kayla Titialii was awarded the Gray Award at the Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities.


Kayla Titialii was awarded 1st Place in Undergraduate Research Excellence (Oral Presentations) at the Dr. William R. Wiley Research Exposition


Kayla Titialii received Honorable Mention for the Aubrey Gorbman Award for Student Presentation of the Year at the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Meeting. Her talk with collaborators Parks, A; Cundiff, JA; and Crespi, EJ was entitled: “A role for leptin in mediating nutrition-dependent regeneration rate in Xenopus laevis


Juan Ramirez presented research with collaborators Culbreth, E; Crespi, EJ; and Travis, J at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Meeting entitled: “Examining variation in plastic responses to different selective agents in the least killifish

Emily Hall presented research with collaborators Brady, SP, and Crespi, EJ at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology  Meeting entitled: “Mapping the susceptibility landscape: the crossroads of physiology and disease dynamics

Erica Crespi presented research with collaborator Leslie Rissler entitled: “Geophysiology of the wood frog: Integrative assessment of population health at different spatial scales and life stages


Warne, R.W., and Crespi, E.J. “Larval Growth Rate and Sex Determine Resource Allocation and Stress Responsiveness Across Life Stages in Juvenile Frogs” accepted in Journal of Experimental Zoology.