Andrew Ford
Professor Emeritus
School of the Environment
Washington State University

My classes at WSU dealt with
energy and environmental problems
in the western USA.
My research at WSU advanced the
use of system dynamics models
for energy policy analysis.
I retired in 2014, but I continue the modeling research to this day.
My most recent research focuses on renewable electricity generation
and the benefits of energy storage.

WSU Disclaimer

On the boardwalk to Mono Lake, one of the
cases in my text on Modeling the Environment.

the Environment
(2nd Edition, Island Press, 2010)
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Courses from Fall 2014
 Modeling the Environment
(Env Sci 310 and Env Sci 550) 

The Science and Policy of
Climate Change (Env Sci 285)

 Selected Publications  

Publications on Energy Policy

The Energy Storage Study
for Ontario, Canada