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Revised 4-14
Procedures, Records, and Forms

Internal Rule-Making Procedures

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Title 504 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) is the WAC chapter that contains the rules applying specifically to WSU. The University Rules Coordinator, located in the Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms, administers additions, amendments, and deletions to these rules.


Review Existing WAC Title 504 Rules

The state Code Reviser publishes the Washington Administrative Code, including WAC Title 504. A University department considering adding or repealing sections of WAC Title 504 or changing an existing section should review the current rules on the proposed subject in WAC Title 504.

To view the rules, select the WAC 504 link from the Procedures, Records, and Forms WSU Policies, Procedures, and Regulations website at:


Request Timeline

The department seeking to add, repeal, or change sections of WAC Title 504 contacts the Rules Coordinator by telephone or electronic mail and describes the planned change. The Rules Coordinator provides a estimated timeline for completion of the rule change. Generally, the department should assume that a WAC revision will take at least seven months to process. A typical timeline includes the following steps:

Submittal of WAC Draft

The responsible department is to submit the WAC language to the Rules Coordinator at least six weeks prior to the submittal of the proposal to the Code Reviser in order to allow time for editing and institutional review and approval.

Additional Group Review

If additional University groups are to review the proposal prior to institutional review and approval, the responsible department may coordinate the review prior to submitting the proposal to the Rules Coordinator.

Petition for WAC Change

Any person may petition the University to request the adoption, amendment, or repeal of any WAC Title 504 rule. (RCW 34.05.330) The petition must include:

(WAC 82-05-010 through -050)

Submit the petition to the Rules Coordinator. See above.


In order to keep WAC Title 504 current, the Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms manages a periodic review process.

First Review Request

When a rule has not been revised within five years of adoption, Procedures, Records, and Forms sends an Existing Section Review Request and a copy of the rule to the responsible administrators.

The administrators determine whether or not the rule requires updating or repeal if no longer needed. If the rule requires updating or repeal, administrators indicate the items to be changed or repealed on the review request form or attached copy. Each administrator returns the signed review request and section to Procedures, Records, and Forms by the "Respond By" date. The Rules Coordinator then initiates the process for making the requested changes.

Second Review Request

If Procedures, Records, and Forms receives no reply within one month from the first respond date, the office sends copies of an Existing Section Review Request and the rule to the responsible administrators and the unit's executive administrator.