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September 12, 2017
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Safety Policies and Procedures Manual
Revision Letter Number One Hundred Fourteen

This SPPM revision includes the following changes:

Hearing Conservation 3.21

This revision:

  • Adds a requirement regarding the posting of warning signs at the entrances of areas where noise may exceed 115 decibels.
  • Removes the requirement of posting a copy of the state hearing regulations (WAC 296-817-20015) on safety bulletin boards.


Chemical Hazard Communication Program 5.10

This revision:

  • Updates the name of the Safety Data Sheet (formerly Material Safety Data Sheet) in accordance with current state standards.
  • Adds information requirements for chemical container labels.
  • Clarifies the definitions of the terms laboratory and physical hazard, as applicable to this policy.
  • Clarifies that written Chemical Hygiene Plans for laboratories are to be laboratory-specific.
  • Removes the word "Caution" as a signal word for use on container labels.


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