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Frequently Asked Questions

E-Form System users may download this FAQ list to use as a quick desktop reference. It is continuously updated, so check back here often for answers to your questions!


Step-By-Step TEV Guide

This short step-by-step guide for reviewing and routing TEV forms is helpful for infrequent E-Form System users that just need to review and sign their TEV forms.


Instructor-Led Training

See the schedule for WSU Electronic Forms and enroll online at the
HRS training homepage.

Contact the Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms to schedule other training sessions; telephone 335-2005; e-mail

The WSU E-Forms System is a repository for electronic forms (e-forms) associated with administrative procedures published in the WSU Business and Safety Policies and Procedures Manuals (BPPM and SPPM). Currently, e-form versions of the following forms are available:

  • Travel Expense Voucher
  • Request for Shipment of Merchandise
  • Sponsored Project Activity Request

Additional e-forms are in development.

Users directly access the WSU e-forms using standard Internet browsers, e.g., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari. NOTE: Firefox delivers less satisfactory results than other browsers. Through the E-Forms System, WSU users may:

  • Open and complete e-forms
  • Save drafts of in-progress e-forms
  • Print or save PDF copies of e-forms as needed at any point in the form completion process
  • Electronically authorize e-forms
  • Attach scanned supporting documents
  • Route e-forms to other users
  • View completed (approved and finalized) e-forms

Completed e-forms are retained in the WSU E-Forms System server. WSU departments may save PDF copies of completed forms to departmental computers as needed.

WSU E-Forms System

For access, sign in with a WSU Network ID and password at:

WSU E-Forms System Log-In


Some E-Forms System access problems are browser-related.

If you're having problems, be sure to clear the browser cache (temporary storage of webpage data) and restart the browser.

If this doesn't help, contact PR&F for further assistance.


View and/or print user guidelines by selecting:


Each user must sign in once in order for the E-forms System to recognize them as a valid WSU user. If you are sending workflow to someone who hasn't used the System before, you must send them to the System to do an initial sign-in before the System will allow you to send them notice that a form is available to be reviewed.

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