International Collaboration

Assessing French Political Science

The FPG has been working with the AFSP and APSA to facilitate an assessment of contemporary political science in France. Researchers have been compiling data on various aspects of institutional and individual practices, such as methodology requirements for graduate training, publication patterns in French political science journals, and a meta analysis of political science scholarship on France. Some of these data have already appeared in essay form in the Data, Measures, and Methods section of French Politics. See also the recent article by Yves Déloyes and Nonna Mayer. "French Political Science at a Turning Point." French Politics. 6(3) 280-301 ( A special issue in PS: Political Science  is in the planning stages based on the two APSA roundtables on mapping French Political Science will also provide the foundation for a special issue in PS: Political Science.

Methodology and French Political Science, AFSP-Toulose, 2007

The FPG-APSA and the AFSP co sponsored the workshop, "Réflexions sur les méthodes en Science politique des deux côtés de l’Atlantique” at the 9th Toulouse Congress for the AFSP in 2007. The workshop was a great success with over 100 participants across the three sessions.  For more details on the Toulouse conference, the AFSP-FPG collaboration and the AFSP more generally go to Nonna Mayer’s report on the workshop, posted below, provides some excellent reflections about methodology on both sides of the Atlantic.