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Dave's ESL Café is an interactive site for both teachers and students. It has chat rooms, discussion forums, and places to ask questions of all kinds. You play games, take quizzes, and learn about both academic English and slang.

PEAK English combines free services like games and chat rooms with reading, listening, and grammar exercises that you have to pay for. It is geared towards American English, and has resources for both students and teachers.

The Internet TESL Journal is designed for teachers, but has useful information for students, too. It is updated monthly, and has lesson plans, handouts, articles, activities, quizzes, links, and more.

The English Studies Home Page has a brief history of the English language, where you can find out why this is such a strange language. It also has tips on both American and British English, including easy to understand examples.

English Space is another site where you have to login, but login is free. The site has over 60 hours of interactive lessons.

The BBC, or British Broadcasting Company, site is a resource for people who want to learn British English. It has material for both students and teachers, including video and audio clips. It also has links to improve your business English, with bilingual support for Spanish and Portuguese speakers.

The DEIL LinguaCenter is an easy to use site. In addition to the usual learning resources, like grammar and listening exercises, it has places to learn about American holidays and cultural events. Be sure to check out Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab.

English Learner is a British site that has interactive tests, exercises, and games. It also offers free English lessons via e-mail three times a week.

Everything ESL doesn't really have everything ESL students need, but it does have information on American culture and history, including games with holiday themes.

DEN Grammar has an easy to use table of contents, practice pages, a grammar clinic, and sound files for the English alphabet.

Citation Style for Research Papers  at Long Island University presents differently citation styles (APA, MLA, University of Chicago, etc.) clearly, concisely and completely. This site is not dedicated to ESL students, but is useful to anyone who does research that requires standard citation.

Your Dictionary has links to an unbelievable number of on-line dictionaries, in a wide variety of languages. It includes bilingual dictionaries, and grammar and vocabulary guides.

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