Please fill out the following information.  The information is used for ESL program purposes.  It is not used by individual classroom teachers.

Basic Information

Full Legal Name:  

E-mail address:  

Country of Origin: 



Student ID Number:

Your Language Background

What languages do you speak with your family members? Please list all languages spoken with all family members.

What languages do you read and write?

What do you consider your strongest spoken language?

What do you consider your strongest written language? 

What do you consider the strongest language you read in?

 Your Educational Background

 High School

 The name and location of the high school you graduated from:

Was the high school private or public? 

Was English the language of instruction? 

 After High School

 Did you attend any language institute before you started at WSU? 

Did you attend the Intensive American Language Center (IALC)?

If you are a transfer student, where did you transfer from?   Give the name and location of the institution and the year of transfer.

Do you have an AA degree?

 Admissions to WSU

 Was your admission handled through International Programs?

Are you an exchange student?

 If you are an exchange student, what is your home university?

What is your (intended) major?

What is your (intended) minor?

 WSU has a requirement that states that all students must provide evidence of proficiency in English.  Please click on the way that you met this requirement.  

Graduation from a high school in which English was the language of instruction.

  Satisfactory performance on the TOEFL.

  Completion of level 5 at the IALC.

  Completion of level 6 at the IALC.

  Transfer from a college or university where English is the language of instruction.

  Other:  Please explain

 Placement at WSU

Have you taken the Writing Assessment?   If so, when? 

What was your placement:

 Have you taken the Junior portfolio?    If so, when? 

Coursework at WSU  

What writing courses are you currently taking at WSU:    

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What writing courses have you completed at WSU:

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What other courses have you taken in the English Department at WSU?