ESL Classes in the English Department
at Washington State University

English 104  Intermediate Grammar and Basic Skills for ESL Students

[English syntax; development of basic reading, abstracting, and writing skills for non-native speakers of English]

In this course, you will improve your ability to:

You can take this class even if you have already met your English requirements for the university. It's an excellent review of important skills!!



English 105[W] Composition for ESL Students

[Academic writing, critical thinking, reading, library skills, grammatical and rhetorical strategies for non-native speakers of English.]

In this course, you will improve your ability to:

This class meets the university requirement for 3 [W] credits. Even if you place into English 101. You are welcome to take this course if you are an ESL student and wish to get your [W] credits.



English 303  Revision Workshop-ESL

[Prereq GER written communication proficiency course and completion of University Writing Portfolio. Appreciation of writing processes and revision for speakers of English as a second or foreign language, including self-assessment, developing rhetorical approaches, diagnosing and solving consistent problems, editing, and proofreading strategies.]

This class is for ESL undergraduate students who get 3 credits of needs work on their University Writing Portfolio and ESL graduate students who need more work on their written English.

In this course, you will work on:


English 403 Technical and Professional Writing ESL

This course is the same as English 402 except that it is for non-native speakers of English.  Just like English 402, English 403 covers research writing (defining, proposing and reporting progress), presenting a final project as well as covering other professional writing needs.  English 403  includes special attention to ESL grammatical and rhetorical problems. 

The prerequisite for this course is to have completed the University Writing Porfolio and either passed it or completed any needs work assigned or take any needs work assigned at the same time as English 403.

For more information contact: Elizabeth Siler, ESL Specialist Avery 211; 335-2251 e-mail:

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