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What is linguistics?
Linguistics is traditionally defined as the study of the nature and structure of human language. Linguists study a range of aspects of language, including the sounds used in human languages and how they are organized into systems in specific languages; the internal structure of words, sentences and discourses; how meaning is conveyed by language; how languages vary across groups; how languages change over time; how people use language to accomplish things; how language reflects and transmits social values and social structures.

For more information about linguistics in general, check out the Linguistic Society of America's page on The Field of Linguistics.

Where is linguistics at WSU?
Linguistics at WSU is one of several interdisciplinary General Studies undergraduate majors. The linguistics major requires forty credit hours drawn from courses in the English, Anthropology, Philosophy, Computer Science or Mathematics, and Foreign Language Departments. The coordinator of the Linguistics Program is Professor Lynn Gordon (347 Avery, (509) 335-2117,

Course Requirements for
General Studies: Linguistics Majors

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LINGUISTICS CORE (21 credit hours)

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Fixed-Content Courses:
English 256/Anthropology 256 English 354
English 443/543: Phonology English 443/543: Syntax
English 458: Psycholinguistics English 458: Sociolinguistics
Anthropology 250 Anthropology 350
Anthropology 450
Directed Studies:
English 499 
3 credits 6 credits
Anthropology 499  3 credits 6 credits

PHILOSOPHY (3 to 12 credit hours)

Philosophy 201 Philosophy 390
Philosophy 401 Philosophy 499
Philosophy 410


Math 107 Math 212
Math 171 Computer Science 101 or 105 or 405
Math 172 Computer Science 110
Math 201 Computer Science 150
Math 205

FOREIGN LANGUAGE (6 - 18 credit hours)

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Language     Completed
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***The capstone course or senior project must be approved by the coordinator of the general-studies linguistics program***




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