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Prof. Michael Hanly

The Scriptorium is the Washington State University Chaucer and Medieval Literature cyber-center for classes at all levels. Welcome to all scholars and students who find something useful here.

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Chaucer Resources on the Web:

This collection of links is by no means comprehensive, but should suffice to give a sense of the many Web resources available.

Reference Resources for Chaucer Students:

Web Bibliographies

Chaucer Metapage Online Chaucer Bibliographies

A comprehensive collection of various bibliographies. Very useful.

Studies in the Age of Chaucer Bibliography

A colossal endeavor by Prof. Mark Allen of UTSA; this is one of the most useful tools available for the study of Chaucer, a searchable, annotated bibliography of every book and article written about Chaucer for the last several years. It will eventually go back about 25 years. The annotations are excellent and will give you a good idea whether or not you need to look at the work.

This bibliography is now available on a website, "fully searchable and web-friendly" indeed.

Chaucer Review: Annotated & Indexed Biblio

"Annotated and Indexed Bibliography of the first 30 years of The Chaucer Review. From "Abraham" to "Zitter," scholars have published nearly 800 articles in the first 30 volumes of the premier Chaucer journal, and they are all listed and summarized here. The subject index is searchable using the Find function of your browser, and you can use the article numbers there to find the essays you want in the bibliography. For example, if you go to the index and search for "anti-Semitism," you will find eight entries, numbered 19, 139, 268, 279, 324, 377, 747, 798. In the bibliography, search for 268, and you will find Frank, Hardy Long. "Seeing the Prioress Whole." 25 (1991): 229-37 with a summary of his argument. The bibliography is a large file and takes a while to load, but it is a great resource." (thanks to Alan Baragona for this description).

The Medieval Review

A collection of electronic reviews of books that can be both browsed and searched, covering the entire realm of medieval studies. Very useful.

The Essential Chaucer (1900-1984)

The site describes itself in this fashion: "The Essential Chaucer is a selective, annotated bibliography of Chaucer studies from 1900-1984. It was first published in 1987 by G. K. Hall and Mansell Publishers Limited. The bibliography is divided into almost 90 topics, including themes, techniques, and individual works by Chaucer."

Canterbury Gallery

Herein are images from the Canterbury Cathedral, including sites connected to the ancient pilgrimage, the tomb of Edward the Black Prince, and other features.

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