Name: Jim Cooper
Field of Study: Evolutionary Morphology
Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 509-372-7175

PhD, The University of Chicago
MS, The Florida State University

Tri-Cities Campus
Room 133, Suite A
Innovation Center

Mailing Address:
School of Biological Sciences
Washington State University Tri-cities
2710 Crimson Way
Richland, WA 99354

Research Interests
My studies are directed at understanding the adaptive divergence of cranial anatomy in fishes. I have a particular interest in the functionally intricate skulls of those fishes in the lineage Percomorpha, which not only represent one of the most species-rich branches of the vertebrate tree, but who also exhibit a phenomenal range of skull morphologies, cranial biomechanics, and feeding strategies. Percomorph evolution has involved the reshaping of highly complex crania into strongly divergent forms, while simultaneously maintaining functional integration between reconfigured skeletal and muscular elements. Much of my current research is focused on skull evolution in one specific branch of the percomorph tree: the damselfishes (Pomacentridae). Damselfishes constitute a successful lineage of near-shore reef fishes that includes the familiar anemonefishes (i.e., the “clownfishes”), and they are found in abundance on all coral reefs throughout the tropics. I am strongly interested in how genetic changes have affected fish skull evolution by altering cranial morphogenesis during development, and the ease with which many damselfishes can be raised in aquaria facilitates performing comparative developmental studies of an important adaptive radiation.

Representative Publications
R. Craig Albertson, W. James Cooper and Kenneth Mann. 2012. More than meets the eye: Functionally salient changes in internal bone architecture accompany divergence in cichlid feeding mode. International Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 2012: 538146

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