Scandinavian Tours: Summers 2000 & 2002
Pictured: Rose, Andrew, Alicia, Jamie, Beth, Livia, Brenda, Kim, Adela, Michael, Christy, Amanda, Mike, Kristin & Kim on the steps to Copenhagen City Hall, July 2002.

The first two 2-week study abroad trips through Denmark, Norway and Sweden took place during July 2000 and 2002. 14 students each time - we backpacked, took the trains (and walked), sailed, and stayed in modest hostels. Visited sights, museums, attended concerts and in general roamed through the Scandinavian towns on our itinerary.

Each trip was part of a summer school class offering. Students prepared by reading material pertaining to ancient and modern Scandinavia, and completed an individual written project upon their return. Each trip cost approximately $1500 per person, excluding food and summer school credits.

Check out the the itinerary for Scandinavian Tour 2002, good tips on what to bring, and pictures from this trip, and pictures from the Scandinavian Tour 2000.

Similar trips are in the planning. I'm looking forward to the day when a group of students comes into my office and says: "Here we are, this is where we want to go, this is what we want to do - can we together turn this into a class, can you take us there, and evaluate our projects!?"

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